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We recommend using UBI services, low transportation costs, and purchase of product insurance, if loss of claims (5% deductible for non-electronic products).
The transportation time is the reference time. The actual transportation time is subject to the specific conditions of the transportation company.
Customers should check whether the goods are in good condition before they receive delivery, so as to better protect their rights and interests.
Goods tariffs threshold on the target of each are not identical, tariff and other expenses shall be borne by the buyer, if any, should not refuse to accept the object or refuse to pay taxes, if encounter this kind of situation we can not be after-sales service measures.
If the goods are not delivered to the customer in the first time, then the freight forwarding company will pay the fee. The specific cost is subject to the freight company clause.
If the delivery failure is not clear due to the customer receiving address and contact information, the freight company shall charge additional fee, the specific amount shall be subject to the terms of the freight company.
Because of shipping policy,battery/powder/liquid cannot ship so all items go without those things.
The freight forwarder shall charge the duty fee, and the buyer shall bear the expenses.
If there is a special clause in the shipping company, customer service will contact the customer after payment and negotiate details. Buyers can also consult customer service staff before payment for details.
The goods will be sent out when packing. If the shipping company terms change, our customer service staff will contact the buyer.